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See also our Flash games:
       +     FlashPac II  (2006)

These games were one of the first arcade games using only generic browser technologies (starting with Netscape 3 in late 1996) and highly regarded – p.e. the "JavaScript-Invaders" could be found at USA Today's Marketplace.
"MazeExplorer", and the "JavaScript-Invaders" have been updated for enhanced cross-browser compatibility (2004). "JavaScript-PacMan" has been updated to version 2.0 in 2007

++ added JavaScript-Crossword-PacMan (March 2012)
++ added JavaScript-Doodle-PacMan (March 2012)
++ added Lost In Maze! – Collector's Edition (July 2010)
++ The Pac-Man and 3D-games support the new Google Chrome Frame extension
     for MS Internet Explorer (Sept. 2009)
++ updated JavaScript-PacMan 3D (Aug. 2009)
++ added multi-color support for JavaScript-MsPacMan 3D and JavaScript-Pac-Gal (July 2009)

Important Note for Users of MS Internet Explorer:
You can now improve the experience of these games by installing the Google Chrome Frame enhancement. This add-on will upgrade your browser to comply with web-standards and will also boost its performance. The add-on will be only active with pages that specially recognize its presence and will leave your browser else untouched.

JavaScript-PacMan 3D

The next step of evolution:
A fully featured 3D-Pacman in bare bones JavaScript!
(Dec. 2008)
JavaScript-MsPacMan 3D
Play Ms. Pac-Man with traditional levels and appearance!

JavaScript-Pac-Gal 3D
After classic mod of Ms. Pac-Man ...

JavaScript-Pac-Dude 3D
Another Ms. Pac-Man mod featuring another Pac-Man character.
(All: July 2009)
Lost in Maze!
Robby vs. The Tin Toy Bots.

Yet another 3D-Pac-Man clone, featuring a retro space age theme. Help Robby the Robot against some evil conehead robots.   (Dec. 2008)
Lost in Maze! – Part 2
Robby vs. the B9-Robots.

The first sequel to "Lost in Maze!":
Now you can even shoot the enemy robots.   (Jan. 2009)
Lost in Maze! – Collector's Edition
Robby vs. the Conehead Bots.

The second sequel to "Lost in Maze!":
With battery operated walking action ...   (Sept. 2009/July 2010)
JavaScript-PacMan 2
A full motion Pacman just in bare bones JavaScript!
(updated to version 2.6 in March 2012)
JavaScript-PacMan 2 mini
Small mazes for small screens and hand-helds.

For older browsers (e.g.: Netscape 3/4, Internet Explorer 4) see the legacy versions.
Another version of "JavaScript-PacMan 2".
Same script, alternate set-up.
(March 2012)
Pac-Man – a bit different:
This time Pac-Man is in for some crosswords ...
(March 2012)
And now for something completely different:

PMD – The Pac-Man Dungeons

The ultimate text-mode Pac-Man in text adventure style.
This game is homage merging the styles of the IF works
of the late 1970ies and Pac-Man.  (Dec 2006)


Another JavaScript-game coming from the same breed as "JavaScript-PacMan".
Enhanced gameplay and compatibility.  (July 2004)


A Pacman derivative. Explore the mazes and fight the aliens.
Added cross-browser compatibility.  (May 2004)


The traditional chinese puzzle game...
Including multiple layouts and tilesets, fortune cookies and more ...  (added 2005)


In answer to some requests – an intoduction to advanced JS-scripting: How to write a Pacman game in JavaScript.
How it all began: For historical interest see the legacy versions.
(Still useful for older browsers like Netscape 3/4, Internet Explorer 4, etc, or small displays)
All scripts and images © 1996-2007 N. Landsteiner, mass:werk – media environments,


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