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Bespoke development

Web-sites, design, JavaScript and AS3 development, including bespoke libraries. Client-side and server-driven systems.


Profit from some 15 years of experience in web development & deployment and a strong academic background in media theory, social sciences, and philosophy.


VirtualGravity / Network Monitor

Industry strength real time engine for network visualizations.

"Network Monitor" is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) for Flash Player 9 and the Flex 2 framework.
For a description of the user experience see the user manual of a real life implementation.
Contact me for a demo login.

See also: Network Monitor 2: New Features for the next generation of this application.

See this site's site-map for a simple example.


free software

Interface / GUI:

Free Kaleidoscope schemes for Apple Macintosh / Classic Mac OS

WordPress related:

» WordPress Audio Player Plugin HTML5-Hack:

Modified Audio Player to add HTML5 audio as a fallback option (SWF is still the preferred format).

Get the source version: audio-player-html5_src.js
or the minified version: audio-player-html5.js.

Installation: Rename the downloaded file to "audio-player.js" and exchange the file in your directory wp_content/plugins/audio-player/assets/.

Provided "as-is". Any warranties, liability, or claims disclaimed. Audio Player is published under the MIT-license.

JavaScript / DHTML:

Plexer.js – Bootstrapping Web Workers for the Real World

"Plexer.js" provides an easy access to Web Workers spawned from functions (including a fallback as instances for older browsers).

mass:werk termlib.js

"termlib.js" provides a powerful library to create your own terminal-like interfaces out of the box.
And the best of all: It's free! (Donations are welcome.)


A free JavaScript chatbot engine. This is an object oriented JavaScript implementation of Joseph Weizenbaum's famous ELIZA program. As the "ElizaBot" library utilizes configurable data it is also a general purpose chatbot engine.

The virtual 6502 suite (originally located at

virtual 6502 – a 6502/6510 emulator.
A full featured emulator for the MOS 65xx MPU that was the heart of so popular micro computers as the Apple II (6502) or the Commodore 64 (6510).

6502 Assembler – a "virtual 6502" companion.
Compile your code to run in "virtual 6502" (see above).

6502 Disassembler
annother "virtual 6502" companion.

6502 Instruction Set
The reference for the virtual 6502 suite.


A 100% client-side JavaScript text-to-speak engine based on speak.js (eSpeak for JavaScript).
Added compatibility for Webkit/Safari and introduced external voice modules.

Free bookmarklets

Various bookmarklets for an even improved browsing experience.

Adobe AIR applications:


A tiny companion for your desktop displaying both local time and world time.
Supports timezones and DST according to tzdata2008b.

Flash based applications:

FlashPac II

A full fledged Pac-Man for your desktop. Including a random maze generator, a level editor, and means to share your level.


Is it a transcendental aquarium? Is it an electronic Kant edition? Maybe it's both, but for sure it's a free screen-saver for Windows and Mac OS (Classic and OS X, PPC only). Including the Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant and a fish.
(A tribute to the Kant-anniversary 2004; hosted at


demos & solutions


Amazing: JS/UIX  –  a virtual OS for web browsers.
JS/UIX is a whole interactive, virtual OS in UN*X style, written entirely in JavaScript.
It has its own terminal and features a sh-like shell, virtual filesystem, process-management with fork,
child-processes, pipes and sub-shells.  –  Just 'cause it can be done.   :-)

For terminal interface free to use see: mass:werk termlib.js

A demo-compiler in JavaScript:
EAL compiles an algorithmic language to byte-code and executes it using it's own runtime-engine.

Microsoft keeps talking about Active Server Pages – We're offering Active Client Pages:
The Unique Single-File - Real-Time - Online-System: RE:LAY-Web (german), RE:LAY-Web (english)
A full featured dynamic system including dynamic menus, real search, news-streams, tickers, JS-just-in-time chart-rendering, administration-tool (german), administration-tool (english) etc.
All in JavaScript! (MS IE 3.0 compliant)
– Thin client technology avant le lettre, could well have been the very first web-app (1998).

The ultimate JavaScript message-pager: infoZone

A glance in the past: A graphic console for a C64-emulator in JavaScript. (Macintosh arrow-key-mapping only.)
- the C64-BASIC emulation will follow some day.

Have look at the various JavaScript-games.


newsPost is a web-based online editing system ready to manage lists and complex lists of lists.
For a real live example have a look at various news and download sections at

Introducing TplTalk: A demo-application for a dynamic WebShop.


A web-banner as flash ticker: tickerbanner.

Flash 9 / Flex 2 / AS 3:

"VirtualGravity" real time engine for social network visualization.
Industry strength Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) marketed in co-operation with FAS.research (specialists in social network analysis).

Realtime network visualization: see the network visualization of the mass:werk site-map as an example for the "VirtualGravity" graph layout engine for Adobe Flash.

Flash 8:

New edition:
FlashPac II - A full fledged Pac-Man for Flash.

Flash MX:

High level network visualization: FAS Net Explorer – experience the networks of power on your desktop.
Try the free test sample   (in co-operation with FAS.research.)

Flash 5:

interactive banners, tickers, vectorgrafix, games:

FlashPac – see FlashPac II.

3D-Tank - demo for 3d realtime rendering

A complex Flash-navigation with tight JS-integration can be found at: - "muSIEum - displaying:gender"


Official backups of some of the resources and some more can be found at my other site: