Animation Smoothness
4 steps - rough 3 steps - middle 2 steps - middle 1 step - fine

About JavaScript-Invasion:

This is the cross-browser version of the original "JavaScript-Invasion".
"JavaScript-Invasion" was designed as a demo-page for an advanced employment of JavaScript animation techniques. The first version (for Netscape Navigator 3.0) was published in January 1997. The cross-browser version with advanced game play was published in July 2004.
The game is pure JavaScript and does not use any plugins or other extensions!

How to Move:

Keyboard control: 
Use the cursor keys, the numeric keypad or the alternate keyset to control the ship.
(Mouse-control is still active.)

Movement & Control:
 4A<left>.......move left
  6D<right>.......move right
 5S<down>.......stop moving
 N game
 P<ESC>.......pause / resume

Mouse control: 
Use the controller at the lower right side of the game area to move your ship: Move the mouse onto the arrow pointing in the direction you want to move. Center the pointer in the middle to stop moving. Click to fire.

25 points for every invader, 1 per bomb, 200 per level, and a bonus for each new wave.
By the way: Following to what seems to be a convention in other invader games, you are only allowed to shoot four shells at a time.

Animation quality depends on the hardware used. Increase smoothness on faster machines.
(Settings: 4 steps: low quality [default] ... 1 step: high resolution.)

Images © N.Landsteiner 1997
Scripts © N.Landsteiner 1997 - 2004

All rights reserved. No copying or publication without the author's written permission.


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