mass:werk — WordPress Audio Player Plugin HTML5-Hack

Modified Audio Player to add HTML5 audio as a fallback option (SWF is still the preferred format).
The hack will inject a generic HTML5 audio element in case that Flash Player isn't available and the browser supports HTML5-audio-playback for MP3-files (e.g.: Safari, Safari mobile for iOS).
The hack supports single audio-files only (no playlists for the moment).



Rename the downloaded file to "audio-player.js" and exchange the file in your directory wp_content/plugins/audio-player/assets/.

License / Disclaimer:

Provided "as-is". Any warranties, liability, or claims disclaimed. Audio Player is published under the MIT-license.
(In case you are modifying this script, please add a note in the heading comment of the script-file — just to prevent any confusions.)


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