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About Mahjong


"Mahjong" is a traditional Chinese game, the single player variant is also known as "Shanghai".
The game is formed by a stack of 144 Mahjong pieces:

There are each 4 pieces of any of the following tiles:
   the 4 winds (N, S, E, W) and the 3 dragons (C, P, F)
   the 9 dots or wheels (1–9)
   the 9 bamboo or sticks (1–9)
   the 9 cracks or numbers (1–9)
as well as each 1 piece of
   the 4 matching seasons (SPR, SUM, AUT, WIN)
   and the 4 matching flowers (PLUM, ORCH, MUM, BAM).

For more information on the tiles see the Guide to Tiles.

Solitaire Mahjong is a game of strategy, luck, and memory:
Remove all pairs of matching tiles – same face or any of the matching seasons or matching flowers – by selecting and double clicking. (A single click of a selected tile will deselect it.)
A tile is accessible only if there is no tile on top of it and if it can slide out to the left, to the right, or both.

The game ends if you successfully removed all tiles or if there is no pair of accessible and matching tiles left. So if you weren't alerted for the end of the game, there must be at least one pair of matching tiles left.

• "Show Hints" displays any matching pairs on the board.
• "Undo Move" lets you back up your last moves.
• "Reshuffle" redistributes any tiles left in random order.

Please mind that you will not get a fortune cookie if you use any of the helps. (Reshuffling a previously untouched game will not cost you your cookie, since this is essentially the same as starting a new game.)

"JavaScript-Mahjong" is entirely written in JavaScript and DHTML and does not use any plugins or other extensions. The script should be compatible to any standard web browser.

Special features: Multiple layouts and tilesets, hints, backup of moves, reshuffle, cookie fortunes for winners.

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Version History:
2009: Fixed doubleclick for MSIE 7/8.
Sept 2009: Added support for Google Chrome Frame.