Some Programs to Run on the PET 2001

Most programs are best run with a keyboard including a numeric keypad.

Games   (includes prg file for PET, 6502 assembler source, and a C64 version)
Computer Space 2001 — My own game for the PET 2001, a simulation of Computer Space, the very first arcade video game (1971), written in machine language in April/May 2017 (for RetroChallenge 2017/04). See here for details.
Controls: A, S (D), (J) K, L.

Play it online

Commercial Space Invaders clone for the 3032 and the 4032. Written in machine language.
Controls: 4, 6 and 'A'.

Play it online(Press any key to pass the first screen.)

The Space Invaders for the 2001 and the 3032.
Controls: '.', '=' and SPACE.

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A Pac-Man port for 40-column PETs by D.E. Anthony 1981.
Controls: 8, 4, 6, 2 on the numeric keypad. You may also use '5' for moving down.

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Miner game for 40-column PETs from Cursor #19, copyright 1980 Ron Longfellow.
Controls: 2, 4, 6, 8 for movements.

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Arcade game reminiscent of Galaxian.
Controls: 4, 6 and SHIFT for fire. (SPACE to restart.)

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Cosmiads — Excellent implementation of Galaxian.
Controls: Q, E, ↑ (Use TAB for the up-arrow in the emulator.)

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A cute, arcady shooter.
Controls: 4, 6, SHIFT

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The excellent 3D Star Trek by M P McDonald and M H Clements for 3000 series 40-column PETs. Does not fully work on the 4000 series, and not at all on the 8000 series.
Keys: D=damage report, I+number=impulse drive, L=long range scan, P+number=launch photon torpedo (steer with shift and normal steering keys), home=steer counter clockwise coarse, down=steer counter clockwise fine, del=steer clockwise coarse, right=steer clockwise fine, maybe other keys?
Battle stations: number keys; space to fire.
See the official manual: Pet_3D_StarTrek.pdf.

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Pet Tetris V1.3 by Tim Howe 15, March 2010. (Requires at least 16K of memory.)
From the readme-file:

"This is probably the last game EVER to be written for the PET!
It is 30% assembly code and 70% C, and has been compiled with
cc65. Source code should be available via the cc65 website.
It requires a 40 column machine with BASIC 2 ROMS. Unfortunately
it does not run under BASIC 4 (4000 series). This may be something
that I can rectify in due course."

Play it online


Misc (some programs by me, Norbert Landsteiner)

Cooperative Ransomware Hoaxes (2017)

WannaCry Decrypt0r for the PET ... ;-)

Try it online

(C64 version: wannapet_c64.prg.)

Bad Rabbit for the PET ... ;-)
(Not related to the "PET Rabbit" cassette fast loader utility.)

Try it online

BASIC source code: petrabbit.txt
(For C64 ports see line 2999.)

Mandelbrot Sets for the PET

BASIC source for rendering the Mandelbrot set.
(Originally meant as a demo for the text import and conversion feature of the emulator.)
Type RUN and hit ENTER to start it in the emulator.

Try it online

An even prettier version of the Mandelbrot set featuring a configurable pattern string.

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Like "mandelbrot2.txt", but extending over the maximum available screen space of the PET 2001, also marginally slower.

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Impress your friends by your PET's speed using this static renderer of the Mandelbrot set. :-)
(Replicates the output of "mandelbrot3.txt".)

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(PRG-file: mandelbrot-static.prg.)

PET 2001 Welcome Screen

A welcome screen featuring the "chicken lips" logo and the name of the machine, written in BASIC.

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(PRG-file: pet2001-logo.prg.)

Christmas Demo 2017

Recreating one of the animated screens of the 1982 Christmas Demo for the Commodore 64 as a BASIC program for the PET.
Requires 40 columns screen and at least 8K of RAM.

Try it online

(PRG-file: seasonsgreetings2017.prg.)

Simple Maze Generators

The well known BASIC one-liner, generating a maze from just two characters.

Try it online

(PRG-file: maze.prg.)

A variant from the book "10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10" (Nick Montfort et al.; MIT Press, 2013). Yes, the title of the is the one-line program listed above!

Try it online

(PRG-file: maze2.prg.)

And yet another variant, providing just a bit of more variety.

Try it online

(PRG-file: maze3.prg.)


Disk Images

! Caution: If you're using these files on a real machine with a CRTC chip, be aware that some of the programs may use the KILLER POKE.

Some programs may require more than the standard 8K of RAM, have a look at the respective file size.

PETGMS01.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS02.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS03.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS04.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS05.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS06.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS07.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS08.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS09.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS10.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS11.D64 Explore disk image online

PETGMS12.D64 Explore disk image online

For further programs see

(You may drag and drop a downloaded file onto the emulator's screen to run it.)

PET 2001 Manuals

PET 2001-8 Personal Computer User Manual
Commodore Business Machines, Inc., October 1978

Pocket Reference Guide to Commodore's 2001 PET,
Leading Edge Computer Products, 1979

The manuals were retrieved from public archives at and