Pac-Man Dungeons

> start/open session  Pac-Man Dungeons (PMD) is a text-mode version of Pac-Man.

PMD is a homage to the two most popular forms of computer games
in the late 1970ies and early 80ies: Pac-Man and text adventures
(IF, interactive fiction).
(c) mass:werk,
N. Landsteiner 2006
There are even some unofficial maps & cheats for the Pac-Man Dungeons.

PMD is based on JavaScript-PacMan (c) mass:werk, N. Landsteiner 1997,
mass:werk termlib.js (c) mass:werk, N. Landsteiner 2003-2005,
and elisabot.js (c) mass:werk, N. Landsteiner 2005
(Yes, you can talk to a ghost nearby - our ghosts enjoy a little chat).
This page utilizes JavaScript and DHTML exclusively.

For an arcade-style Pac-Man see mass:werk JavaScript-PacMan or FlashPac II.
New: For a 3D-version of the arcade game see JavaScript-PacMan 3D.

Click the link at the upper left to start the game.
Experts may hide the map by entering "hide map".

Note: Some sense of humor might be of help while dealing with this piece of software.
If this does not meet your state of mind, you are advised to leave immediatly.