PMD-Maps – The Great Pac-Man Dungeons Underground World

These maps of the Great PMD Underground World (GPMDUW) were sent by an anonymous user. Use at your own risk!

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Please remember that the use of cheats is not a fair way to play!

Cheats as known so far:
#finalstep# (command) sets the game engine up to a state just before the last step.
You've to eat just one more portion of food to see the final reply.
(You will loose your entire score for using this cheat.)
Other tips:
secret message Explore the ghost's cave for a secret message.
(Enter "look inside the cave" or "inspect cave" while standing
at the cave's gate. – That's where the gosts appear.)
arithmetics The ghosts can even calculate. Confronted with an arithmetic expression
they will give you the correct result (if any).
* Sorry, that's all there is. *