Retrochallenge 2016/01:
Maze War for Olivetti M10 and NEC PC-8201A

Episode 8:
Creative Pico Murder — A Virtual Marketing Campaign

The Super Bowl has a halftime show, some magazines have a centerfold, so we may have some fun, too.


It's midterm in development and with just two more weeks to go, the marketing department is going busy.
And this is what they came up with as an advert:

Cheesy advert for Portable Maze War, #retrochallenge 2016/01

Attempting the style of advertisements in vintage computer magazines, pre-DTP:
Caslon and Akzidenz Grotesk, true bread fonts of the day. (Still a bit 1970-ish, but available in all sizes.) Of course we can't do with just two fonts, so there's also a touch of Univers, Extra Black Oblique and Extra Black Extended Oblique, because it's the 80s!
The top section would have come ready from a crafted printer, the rest would have been arranged at the light table. Mind the Letraset-type rub-on shading in the drawing. Cheesy.

The marketing guys want to schedule this for Datamation and Pico. I suggested Creative Computing, but they argued that the copy text was targeted purposely on business folks and audiences at Creative Computing may require a different approach. Anyway, can't wait for the box art …


— Stay tuned! —


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