Refraction for the Atari 2600 Atari Awards 2018 Nominee

Player 1Player 2


“Refraction” is a simple two players game with a twist.

Move the joystick up/down to move a ship, press the button to fire.
A missile's trajectory will be “refracted”, when passing through the barrier at the opposing side. Missiles will bounce inside the opponent's field until they expire after a certain period of time.
Push joystick sideways towards the opponent while a missile is passing the barrier to increase the refraction angle, pull it in order to invert the refraction angle and play it à la bande.
Avoid the floating “bouncer”.

Developer's Note: The game is intended to be played with joysticks (not D-pads).

Press Select (F11) or any controller buttons to start the game.
Press Reset (F12) to return to the title screen.
The Color/BW switch (F1) selects shapes of player sprites.


The game has been written in 6502 assembler code and was develped in the course of April 2018 as part of RetroChallenge 2018/04. — See the project blog for details.

Project State (as of 2018-04-30)

Feature complete, Public Beta 1.

Please mind that sounds are probably slightly off in the online-emulation.


Atari 2600 game ROM image files (4K):

This web pages uses an embedded version of the Javatari emulator by Paolo A. Peccin to run a preview of the NTSC version of “Refraction”.

Norbert Landsteiner,,
April 2018.