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mass:werk termlib.js samples

Here are some sample pages that address different issues of advanced usage of termlib.js:


  • The Chrome Sample
    shows how to implement a Terminal-object inside a window-like DHTML-division. (This is a quite old example.)
  • The Import Sample
    shows how to import/paste text into a terminal window.
  • The Socket Sample
    demos the termlib.js-socket extension for client-server communication (AJAX).
  • The Remote Terminal Sample
    shows how to implement a terminal client to a remote host using the termlib.js-socket extension. As this sample requires a backend at the server-side, it won't work out of the box.
  • The Color Sample
    demos the color support introduced with version 1.2.
  • The Text Wrap Sample
    demos the wrapping support introduced with version 1.3.
  • The Style Settings Sample
    demos the style configuration introduced with version 1.4 and shows, how to implement a custom style for bold.
  • Text Globbing Sample
    demonstrates how to set up a modal state (here a dialog), how to trap a special key, and how to acces the current input of the command line.
  • ANSI-Mapping Sample
    demonstrates how to make use of the new support for ANSI-SRG-codes.
  • Termlib-Invaders
    a sample application featuring a Space Invaders game.


Please consult the source code of this pages for implemntation details.

These pages are only demonstrations, and provided AS IS without any warranty of any kind.
Most of these samples won't work with Netscape Navigator 4.x