mass:werk – media environments (Mag. Norbert Landsteiner)

smooth media environments

WebDesign & development,
clientside & serverside programming,
graphic design & layout;
multimedia semiotics & conceptualization;
consulting & scientific research on traditional & new media.

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About mass:werk – media environments

mass:werk &ndash media environments ( is the corporate homepage of Mag. Norbert Landsteiner.

mass:werk provides products, services, and consulting in the realms of web-design (internet-design), graphic design, web-design (internet-design) and has a strong record in providing first class client-side solutions (HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript).

Commonly known synonyms for mass:werk - media environments are mass:werk, masswerk, and
Norbert Landsteiner is also referred to as N.Landsteiner or N. Landsteiner.