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media environments


WebDesign & development,
clientside & serverside programming,
integrated thin client technologies,
HTML, JavaScript, Java, Flash, Perl;
graphic design & layout; image manipulation;
multimedia semiotics & conceptualization;
consulting & scientific research on trad. & audivisual media.

fine sites since 1996.


A-1080 Vienna / Austria
(see contact for details)


Mag. Norbert Landsteiner

Magister philosophiae (University of Vienna, Austria)
graduation in communication studies and philosophy
(thesis on film theory and theory of av media)
further studies: sociology, ethnology, politology


UID: ATU60620536
Information requirements according to Austrian e-commerce act/
Informationspflicht lt. Österr. E-Commerce Gesetz (ECG):
"mass:werk – media environments" is a private firm of Norbert Landsteiner (100% share).

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mass:werk =>  Maßwerk ... German for tracery
compound of "Maß" and "Werk"
Maß [noun, n]  ...  measure, proportion, moderation, scale
made-to-measure, precision work, bespoke
Werk [noun, n]  ...  work, opus, deed, achievement, enterprise, factory


Site design and layout unchanged as of 1999 — Sorry.


In early 1999 started to publish works in the domains of graphical design and internet applications under the then unique name "mass:werk". In the mean time a whole bunch of people in german speaking countries (namely of the field of architectural design and interior design) have chosen to adopt the same name in slightly derivative spelling. We apologize for our fellow competitors' lack of creativity and missing sense for identity.
Similar applies to various "masswerk" internet domains (be it top level or second level domains) that have flourished since. Please mind that only <> points to the original mass:werk – media environments site.

Clients / Work References (sample):

Some of our clients and projects of the last past years:

ActiveAgent (-> rich media technologies)
AK Oberösterreich (Chamber of Labor Upper Austria)
Archbishoprics of Vienna and Lower Austria
Association of Austrian Leasing Companies
Austrian Filmservice
APA – Austria Presse Agentur
   (incl. homepage, various journalist's services, stock market information systems etc.)
BMW Austria (art direction & site, at-award 1998)
eContent Austria (eContent. European digital content on global networks)
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
CIFFT – Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique (
ERSTE Stiftung
EUREKA Umbrella Multimedia NCP Austria (European R&D stimulation network)
Europay Austria
Filmservice International
German Filmservice
GM Europe (-> prototyping: production site information system)
Kronen Zeitung (newspaper)
Maestro Austria
MasterCard Austria
Mazda Austria
max.mobil (now T-Mobile, telecom carrier)
milestone project management gmbh
mobilkom Austria (A1, telecom carrier)
multimedia business austria
NOVAK (philosophical magazine)
One / Connect Austria (Austrian telecom carrier)
Opel Austria
Opel Powertrain Austria
Philips Austria (Philips Insight: Training and Consulting)
Pfafflmeyer, Norbert
Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm
Steyler ministries (SVD) (-> interface technology; c.f.
tele.ring (Austrian telecom carrier)
Tiroler Sparkasse
USA Today (newspaper)
UTA (Austrian telecom carrier)
Vienna city administration
Wüstenrot Austria
... as well as some major Austrian sites while working with APA (Austrian press agency),
one of Austria's first providers. (e.g. public administration / federal ministries, top 100 companies, CM-systems)

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