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This is a little hex-editor, specifically for hacking the text content of Commodore 8-bit PRG files.
E.g., for porting a program to an other language or patching up a program.
The edditor supports various Commodore-specific text encodings as well as US-ASCII (7-bit).



Mind that this is a just simple hex-editor with additional tools for Commodore 8-bit specific text transformations. Other than checks for the file size, no further checks or adjustments are made and the code will be updated and exported as-is.
In other words, this tool supposes that you know what you are doing — no training wheels provided.


This application is provided for free and AS IS, therefore without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Use at own risk.

This application uses either Web Storage technology or, if this is not available, a cookie to store your choice for the preferred color mode for the virtual 6502 suite of applications. (Either the word "light" or the word "dark" is stored.)

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