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About JavaScript-Doodle-PacMan

"JavaScript-Doodle-PacMan" is a design variation of JavaScript-PacMan 2.
(It's the same script, just another set-up. This game demonstrates the ability of "JS-PacMan 2.6" to work with both tile-oriented layouts, or backdrop-designs, or any combination thereof.)

How to Play

Anyone who doesn't know Pac-Man?   Really?   O.K. – That's how to play:

Guide the Pac-Man, the munching yellow ball, through the maze and eat all the food, the little white dots laid out all around the passages. But be aware of the ghosts: they will give their best to pursue and catch you. (The ghosts will become more intelligent and dangerous in higher levels.)
There are also some bigger pellets: the power pills. Swallow one of these to become invincible for a few seconds. Now – while the ghosts are turned blue – you my haunt those nasty runners for some extra points.

A propos scoring: You will collect an extra live for every 10000 points (but you may not have more than five lives in stock).

Moving / Controls

Use the cursor keys or the numeric keypad to navigate the pac-man.

You may also use the following keys:


Other controls:

  N....New game
P or ESC....Pause / resume

Touch Screens / Mouse Control

Control the pac-man by strokes (mouse gestures) at the maze:


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