Lost in Maze! Part2
Episode 51: Robby vs. The B)-Robots. Featuring The Return of the Domehead Bots

Lost in Maze! – Part 2. Episode 51: Robby vs. the B9-Robots. Featuring The Return of the Domehead Bot
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collapseAbout »Lost in Maze! – Part 2: Robby vs. the B9-Robots«

It is yet another chapter of the epic story of Robby, the unflagging helper of humanity: Our merry band had just recovered from their encounter with the Tellurian cyclops, when suddenly ... ...

… or so goes the story.
Help Robby the robot clearing the mazes – but beware of the dome-headed B9-robots! As Robby grabs one of the power pellets he becomes invincible for a short time while the B9-bots turn blue.
Good news: You will collect an extra live for every 10000 points (but you may not have more than five lives in stock).

As Robby encounters his old opponent, he is not without means: As you collect any of the grenades appearing in the maze, Robby will shoulder his Astro-Blaster: Hit SPACE or 0 (zero) to fire and any hits will add another 300 points to your score. But be aware that all ammunition will be lost with any of Robby's lives.

"Lost in Maze! – Part 2" is a sequel to "Lost In Maze! – Robby vs. The Tin Toy Bots". The "Lost In Maze!" series is based on "JavaScript-PacMan 3D", one of the famous family of "JavaScript-PacMan" games. "Lost in Maze! – Part 2" comes with a total of 15 levels in 3 sets and an extra shuffle play mode. The game is written in pure JavaScript and doesn't require any plug-ins or other extensions. If Flash-Player 9.0 or higher is detected, an additional Flash-movie is used to provide the sounds.

The use of sound may affect the animation speed of the game.
Set the sound slider to zero to optimize the game for slower machines.

About "JavaScript-PacMan":
"JavaScript-PacMan" is around for some time and has now evolved to a bunch of games with different features. All games share a common code base that has continously evolved from the very beginning. (Yes, there are some lines of the original code living on in this game!) The first version was designed as a demo-page for then advanced JavaScript-animation techniques (for Netscape Navigator 3.0) and was published in late 1996/Jan.1997. It might well have been the first arcade style game on the web implemented in JavaScript only!

Interested in the robots? – Have a look at the robots' family portrait.

Moving / Controls

Use the cursor keys or the numeric keypad to guide Robby through the maze.

You may also use the following keys:


Hit SPACE or 0 (zero) to fire.

Other controls:

  N....New game
P or ESC....Pause / resume

Touch Screens / Mouse Control

Control the Robby by strokes (mouse gestures) at the maze:

  • Click (tap) anywhere in the maze and drag the pointer in the desired direction.
    (You may steer in advance, not only when Robby is just encountering a crossing.)
  • Double-click (tap rapidly twice) to fire any collected grenades.
  • Use the "New Game" button to start a new game.
  • Special Moves:
    You may even use compound gestures (e.g.: left and up in a single movement): Steer in the first direction, keep the mouse down and steer in the next direction just after the turn.
    This may be especially useful to navigate through winding passages as you haven't to click again for every turn.

Levels and Layouts

You may select any of these sets of maze-layouts from the "Mazes" pop-up menu:

  • Continuous: Travel trough all 15 levels available at once.
  • Shuffle Play: Pick a random mix from all levels available.
  • B9-Levels: A set of 5 levels dedicated to "Lost in Maze! – Part 2" (© mass:werk)
  • Space Levels: Another five levels in outer space — from the first part of "Lost in Maze!" (© mass:werk)
  • Pac Levels: Sweet memories of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (5 levels).

Sound Integration

A tiny Adobe Flash movie (swf-file) is used as a simple sound player in case that Flash Player 9.0 or higher is detected. This provides a robust cross-browser sound integration in absence of any real world standard for sound integration and scripted sound control. Flash is not used for any other purpose – the game works just the same without the Flash plug-in. (Even the volume control is implemented in DHTML, just for the fun of it.)


Page, scripts, and images: © 1996-2009 Norbert Landsteiner, mass:werk – media environments

All rights reserved. No copying or publication without the author's written permission.

3D-images rendered with POV-Ray 3.6.
Title typogrophy: SpacePatrol.ttf, TrueCrimes.ttf.

Version History

»Lost in Maze! – Part 2: Robby vs. the B9-Robots« – released in January 2009 (based on JavaScript-PacMan 3D).

»Lost in Maze! – Robby vs. The Tin Toy Bots« – released in December 2008 (based on JavaScript-PacMan 3D).

March 2009: Fixed opcity effects for MSIE.
Sept 2009: Added support for Google Chrome Frame.

Previous versions of JavaScript-PacMan:

  • 2008: Lost in Maze! – Robby vs. The Tin Toy Bots
  • 2008: JavaScript-PacMan 3D – the new 3D-version of JavaScript-PacMan
  • 2007: JavaScript-PacMan 2 – new design & enhanced features
  • 2004: unified cross browser version and DOM compatibility, random maze generator
  • Aug. 1997: bigger maze for bigger screens, smooth animations (for NS 4.0 layers, MSIE 4.0 css)
  • Dec. 1996 / Jan. 1997: first release (for Netscape 3.0 and 12" screens)

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