ZapEmbeds Bookmarklet


This bookmarklet discards all object, embed, and iframe elements (typically flash movies) from the current page.
Also it installs a special click-handler to all images (img-elements) in order to remove them by SHIFT-clicking on them. (This will discard as well any links attached to the image.)

Zapped elements of type object, embed, or iframe will be replaced by a placeholder in order to preserve the layout. You may remove these placeholders by SHIFT-clicking them.

Tip for Safar-users:
If you place the bookmarklet as the first link in your bookmark bar, you may activate the bookmarklet by hitting the keyboard short-cut Command + 1.


Drag the link below into the bookmark bar of your browser. Then just click this bookmarklet to activate ...

The bookmarklet: ZapEmbeds


Some Test Content:
Click bookmarklet-link above; SHIFT-click remaining images to delete them.

Just a test image

«ZapEmbeds» by N. Landsteiner 2010;