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FlashPac II - Download

Download the free desktop stand-alone version of "FlashPac II" now!
Available for Windows and Mac OS X!   –   Current version: 2.2

•   Download FlashPac II for Windows:  (1.5 MB)
•   Download FlashPac II for Mac OS X:  (1.8 MB)
•   Additional Levels:  (2 KB)
 (Extra-Levels need Vers. 2.1 or better, see the "Read Me"-file)

(Be sure to read the "Read Me"-file – there is code for extra levels enclosed!)

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"FlashPac II" is the second edition of "FlashPac".
Here is a short list of it's amazing features:

  • New graphics adjusted for hires displays.
  • Colored mazes
  • Three different sets of predefined mazes.
  • Editable user levels
  • The unique FlashPac-maze generator for an unlimited number of different mazes and endless fun.
  • Even refined ghost's AI.
  • Increasing difficulty with higher levels.
  • Detached window and fullscreen mode (default).
  • And: Even smoother performance!
    (As compared to the web edition.)
  • And at least: A high-score, finally :-).
  • User settings
    Adjustable colors, steering, zap high-scores.
  • A configureable demo mode that turns FlashPac into a screen saver. – Never get annoyed with the TV anymore!
  • Extensive help pages.
  • Built-in level editor.
    Build, test, and share the levels of your dreams.
  • Build-in level manager:
    Edit, sort, rename, delete your levels.
  • Export and import levels.
  • Share your favorite levels with your friends.
  • Even mail them (it's just XML-code).
  • FlashPac's unique random maze generator delivers an unlimited number of different levels.
  • Never play the same mazes twice anymore!
  • The generated mazes now even get a name assigned.


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