“Gravi-o-roids!” is a new old-school game, a recombination of elements of the most classic space shooter games.

Mastering the Gravity Challenge
Thrust to vector perpendicularly to any asteroids in order to orbit around them. Steer right through the middle of multiple asteroids, where gravitational fields cancel out, rather than attempting to avoid such a group of asteroids.
Have a look at the gravity map on the top right of the screen to get an idea of how gravity affects your ship.

“Gravi-o-roids!” inhertits the following features

For a similar game, which combines these elements for a “Spacewar! trainer” or “Spacewar!-for-one”, see Outer Orbit.

“Gravi-o-roids!” and its artwork © 2017–2021 Norbert Landsteiner, www.masswerk.at.