Commodore PET 2001 Series

Commodore PET 2001 by Commodore International / Commodore Business Machines (CBM), 1977-1979.
Commodore PET 2001 emulation © 2014 Thomas Skibo (all rights reserved, redistribution permitted).
PET keyboard image (SVG, rerendered to PNG) by Lovelac7, 2008, Wikimedia / Creative Commons.
Image of PET 2001 computer (edited) by Tomislav Medak, 2009, Creative Commons.
Revised interface, screen emulation, input and output handling, as well as import and export features and utilities by Norbert Landsteiner, 2017–2020,

Running Files:
You may run programs by simply dragging and dropping files onto the virtual screen of the emulator.
Supported file formats are:

Binary files will be run automatically (hold SHIFT to override), while BASIC source files are just loaded in order to allow for an inspection of the generated BASIC program. (BASIC source files may be both in lower and upper case, case is evaluated on a per-word basis. No attempt is made to translate non-alphabetic PETSCII characters, please use "chr$()" or the special PETSCII escapes instead.)
You may also provide a BASIC source text as URL-Data. See the link console to craft such a URL.
For best gaming experiences set the keyboard to "Games"-mode (no simulated key repeat and immediate touch interaction) from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the virtual screen.

New: Full emulation of directories for disk images and tape archives (emulated as disks in drive 8), including LOAD commands and directory listings from BASIC, including wildcards and type selectors.

See here for some games (with hotlinks to load them into the emulator) and PET 2001 manuals.

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