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A Tribute to After Dark

The first and only screen-saver on the web.
Perfectly useless, perfectly nice. They are back:

The origiginal Flying Toasters are © 1990 Berkeley Systems Inc.
by Jack Eastman, Bruce Burkhalter, and Patrick Beard,
Artwork by Tomoya Ikeda.

(The real stuff to safe your screen.)


Retrochallenge 2018/04: “Refraction” for the Atari VCS (Atari 2600)

We're approaching again a device from 1977 and a MOS 6502 processor,  this time, it's about the venerable VCS and racing the beam

Related, 8-Bit Sounds: Studio2600 for the Atari VCS (Atari 2600)
I just wanted to test sounds, but it became a synthesizer…  (online demo and downloads).


Retrochallenge 2017/04: Personal Computer Space Transactor 2001

After our success with the PDP-1, we try our luck with the iconic PET 2001 microcomputer (1977) and its MOS 6502 processor,  in order to get a comparison …

Run a virtual PET 2001 in the browser:


Retrochallenge 2016/10: Ironic Computer Space Simulator for the DEC PDP-1

Bringing the first arcade video game from 1971 to the early 1960s machine, which's show case program, Spacewar! , had inspired it in the first place. — PDP-1 assembler code in 2016 …

Run the program on a virtual PDP-1 in the browser:


Retrochallenge 2016/01: Maze War for Olivetti M10 and NEC PC-8201A

Networking retro machines, exploring history, experimenting with graphics, implementing a vintage game, BASIC 
we do it all in a single project!


JavaScript Doing The JavaScript Rap

Celebrating version 1.5 of meSpeak.js: JavaScript Doing The JavaScript Rap 
Yet another useless Text-To-Speech-application featuring MC meSpeak.


UX-Experiment: "The map that made a nation cry"

Explore Minard's map of Napoleon's Retreat From Moscow (The Russian Campaign 1812-1813) 
as an interactive chart.


E.L.I.Z.A. Talking

Exploring client-side speech I/O: E.L.I.Z.A. Talking 
Use JavaScript-text-to-speech and HTML5 voice recognition for a little chat.


Google BBS – What Google would have looked like in the 80s.

Explore Google BBS Terminal: 
A working service after a video by

“If Google were invented in the 80s” (YouTube).

See also: 
Bing BBS – What Bing would have looked like in the 80s: Bing BBS Terminal


Google60 – Search Mad Men Style.

The prequel to "Google BBS": Google60   (mainframe style) 
Explore the Gabby Ontology Operated Grader and Linguistical Extrapolator.


Google-Asteroids – Arcade Style Search.

Last addition to the Google-suite: Google-Asteroids   (an info-shooter) 
Score on your query! Shoot your news! A tribute to the age of video games.


The Virtual Keypunch – Make Your Personal Punch Card.

An add-on to "Google60": The Virtual Keypunch 
Type and download your personal punch card.
Support for query-parameters and the IBM/360 column binary format.


The Virtual Card Reader – scan Your Virtual Punch Card.

From punch cards to text: The Virtual Card Reader 
Scan and parse punch card images created by the The Virtual Keypunch.


Punched Card Typography — IBM 026, 029, 129

How text came onto punch cards: Punched Card Typography Explained 
Reconstructing typography from an amazing piece of technology, the IBM code plate. 
Inludes interactive infographics.


URN:RL – Time for a Proposal

urn:rl – A Proposal for Real Life Locators,
including an extension "urn:rlt" for time-stamped real life locators.


Be Informed – The ultimate visual guide to panic

If there is a bad website, be sure tor be ready: Be informed: Web Design

Unlike an explosion, a design or usability attack may
or may not be immediately obvious ...

This visual guide is also available as PDF file: Be informed: Web Design (PDF, 84 K)
Print this and fix it to your wall in a clearly visible position.


Time for Reading

Ludwig Wittgenstein's »Tractatus logico-philosophicus«

I fooled around with this amazing text some ten years ago.
(Cf: "W.III – Das Sprachspiel", a game involving a set of dominos and a copy of
Wittgenstein's tractatus; © 1990 N. Landsteiner, M. Rauchensteiner)
The online version of the »Tractatus logico-philosophicus« was originally produced as
an example for an online reading application and has been around for some years.
(There was no official link for copyright related reasons.)


Online Museum

Play the original Spacewar! online.
The first digital video game emulated in html5/JavaScript.

Read all about it here: Inside Spacewar!.
A software archeological approach to the first digital video game.

See The Minskytron and Other Early Graphic Demos online.
Running on a PDP-1 emulation in html5/JavaScript.

Play a reconstruction of Spacewar 3.1 online.
The original program genuinely ported to JavaScript.

Play a reconstruction of Minnesota Spacewar online.
A popular 1970s flavor of Spacewar reconstructed in html5/JavaScript.

Nostalgia for algorithmic days: Algol 60 References

Visit the virtual 6502 suite at
JavaScript emulation for the MOS 6502/6510, assembler, disassembler, documentation.

Enjoy a chat with ELIZA.
Cf.: elizabot.js  – a free JavaScript chatbot engine. This is an object oriented JavaScript
implementation of Joseph Weizenbaum's famous ELIZA program. As the "ElizaBot" library
utilizes configurable data, it is also a general purpose chatbot engine.

My first JavaScript: Remington-demo.
To see where this has let to, have a look at our UNIX-emulator JS/UIX.


Web Links

The perfect site:

Netscape before Netscape (online even after Netscape): Mosaic Communications Corporation.