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mass:werk : sitemap

The mass:werk site-map gives you a "X-ray" view of the various pages of and their linked relations.
To access a page use the context menu (right click on a node, Mac-users with single mouse button: Control-click.)

About this site-map:
The site-map is generated by VirtualGravity – mass:werk's realtime network visualization engine for Adobe Flash™ and Adobe Flex™ 2.
Network visualizations generate maps from abstract data by the weight and relations of the individual nodes (here the various pages) based on physical models or models of energy flow and nuclear force. (These algorithms are also known as spring embedders or force-directed graphs). Network visualization techniques seem especially useful for self-organized representations of symbolic data.
VirtualGravity is a second generation industry strength engine for realtime graph layouts. It is the heart of real-world Flex 2 RIAs (rich internet applications) used for visualization and access of medium to large scale databases. The VirtualGravity engine employs a family of specially adopted high-speed algorithms based on a model of electrostatic attractions and repulsions (known as the Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm). – You may observe these generating forces by dragging a node and watching the re-consolidation of the graph.

FlashPlayer 9 or better required.

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