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About JavaScript-PacManpro:

This is a demo-page for an advanced employment of just JavaScript 1.1 for Navigator 3.0 and gif-images. This page doesn't use any plug-ins or other extensions!
JavaScript-PacManpro is the large screen version of JavaScript-PacManSR.

Flavours of JavaScript-PacMan: 

How to Move:
The general concept: Center the mouse pointer over the controller at the lower right side of the game area and move the mouse in the direction you want the Pacman to move.
Move the mouse onto the arrows to direct the Pacman through the maze. To repeat a command (p.e. to start a new level) center the pointer in the middle and reenter the arrow's area (clicking the arrow works just the same).

Click the ball in the middle of the controller to pause the game. A "P" in the level field will indicate that the game is currently paused.
Click again to continue.

Keyboard control for Netscape 4.0 and IE 4.0 / JavaScript 1.2!
New: Now also for Netscape 3.0 / JavaScript 1.1!
Use the numeric keypad to navigate the Pacman. (Mouse-control is still active.)
"N" ... New game.
"P" ... Pause.
(Click anywhere in the window first, to give keyboard focus to it!)

default: i (up) (left) j k l (right) (down)

New: Keyboard control for NS 3.0/ JavaScript1.1 - Apr. '98
New: Introduced in Aug. '97
New: See "JavaScript-PacManSR" for details.
New: 5 different mazes available.

Please, allow the off-screen images time to load before you start playing.

Scripts and images © N.Landsteiner 1997
(Images best with monitor depth higher than 256 colours.)

All rights reserved. No copying or publication without the author's written permission.

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