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These are legacy versions of various mass:werk games.
For current versions see the Games Index.

These games were one of the first arcade games using only generic browser technologies (starting with Netscape 3 in late 1996) and highly regarded – p.e. the "JavaScript-Invaders" could be found at USA Today's Marketplace.
"JavaScript-PacMan" has been updated for enhanced cross-browser compatibility (2004). The keyboard handlers of some other games have been updated to conform to modern browsers.

Cross Browser Games

Games for DOM compatible browsers, Netscape 3/4, Internet Explorer 4+:

Legacy JavaScript-PacMan (vers. 1)
A full motion Pacman just in bare bones JavaScript!
Smooth animations with cross-browser compatibility.

    JavaScript-PacManplus  (1997-2004)
Big maze, smooth animations 
JavaScript-PacManplus-mini  (1997-2004)
Small maze, smooth animations 

Netscape 4

Games for Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4:

JavaScript-MazeExplorer Sound

Have Netscape 4? Play with Sound!

Netscape 3

Games for Netscape 3 or compatible (including any newer browsers):

Legacy JavaScript-PacMan (NS 3):
Original Netscape 3.0 versions of JavaScript-PacMan. May be the first bare bones JavaScript game on the web.
    JavaScript-PacManPro  (Aug.5,1997)
Original Netscape 3.0 version, big maze 
JavaScript-PacManSR  (Dec,1996/Jan,1997)
Original Netscape 3.0 version, small maze 
Legacy JavaScript-Invaders

This is the original version of "JavaScript-Invaders".  (Jan,1997)
(Enhanced keyboard compatibility added in 2004.)  


A tiny demo for smooth animation with JavaScript1.1/NS 3.0.
(March '97)

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