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Web design & development,
clientside & serverside programming,
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AS3, Perl, PHP, Wordpress, …
graphics design & layout, image editing,
multimedia semiotics & conceptualization,
consulting & research on traditional & electronic media.

Fine sites since 1996.


A-1080 Vienna, Austria
(See Contact for details.)


Mag. Norbert Landsteiner

Magister philosophiae (University of Vienna, Austria)
graduation in communication studies and philosophy
(thesis on film theory and theory of av media)
further studies: sociology, ethnology, politology

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Please contact me via e-mail or telephone.
m: n.landsteiner@masswerk.at, t: +43 699 1011 5900


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“mass:werk – media environments” and “masswerk.at” are names associated to the work and services of the individual enterprise (sole proprietorship) of Norbert Landsteiner.

In April 1999 masswerk.at started to publish works in the domains of visual design and internet applications under the then unique name “mass:werk”. Meanwhile, various unrelated parties in German speaking countries (namely in the fields of architectural design and interior design) have chosen to adopt the same name in slightly derivative spelling. We apologize for our fellow competitors’ lack of creativity and finite sense for identity.
Similar applies to various “masswerk” internet domains (be it top level or second level domains) that have flourished since. Please mind that only <masswerk.at> points to the original ‘mass:werk – media environments’ site.