PET 2001 Emulator — V. 1.1

Proudly announcing version 1.1 of the PET 2001 online emulator.

Commodore PET 2001 Emulator V.1.1 Announcement
Yet another PET 2001 related title illustration.

On the bright side of staying at home, there is the realization, how much there is to do, since there isn’t much to do (else). To illustrate the oxymoron and for the benefit of any users, I revamped the mechanism for mounting and loading files of the PET 2001 online emulator.


First things first, what are the benefits of this revamp?

PET 2001 emulation: toolbar and mounted media.
The toolbar adapting to the type of mounted media.
(A click on the file icon to the left of the file name triggers an instant action,
either loading and running a single file or bringing up a directory dialog to choose a file to run.)
(Yes, an advert.)

BASIC Operations

Principally, any LOAD operations are respective to the currently mounted media. Technically, a single file format doesn’t have a file name, as far as the emulator is concerend, and any name will do. If no media is mounted, the emulator will fall back to a tiny dummy file already found in Thomas Skibo’s original version:

100 REM HI

The most prominent new feature is probably the support of disk directories (also implemented analogously for tape archive). This includes all the usual options and the full syntax, as there are