Update of the MOS 6502 Instruction Sheet

Some work for better accessibility.

MOS 6502 MPU
The MOS 6502 8-bit MPU designed by Western Design Center, Inc..

It looks about the same, but much has changed behind the scenes. What started out as a pure text file is now a properly marked up document with suitable semantics. E.g, the instruction details where formerly just a run of preformatted text, but are now a definition list. Each entry has its own summary paragraph, a synopsis, a flags-table and the instruction table proper with all the address modes. All tables come with proper headers, where appropriate also with scopes for columns, rows, and even groups. Many tables have changed to definition lists and there’s additional ARIA annotation available. (Some more broad scale information has been included before, but as an addition to this, all the new bits are labeled properly to tell what these are.)

And, since you can’t beat simple things, thanks to the wonders of CSS it still looks like a simple run of text.

— *phew!* —

See the 6502 Instruction Sheet: www.masswerk.at/6502/6502_instruction_set.html.