Minskytron Refurbished

Classic PDP-1 ‘display hacks’ emulation brought up to new standards.

PDP-1 emulation, running several 1960s graphics demos (Minskytron, Munching Squares, Snowflake)
The Minskytron, Munching Squares, Snowflake, and (my own) Snow Wave.

The emulation of the Minskytron and other so-called “display hacks” for the DEC PDP-1 is now en par with the Spacewar! emulation, in fact, it uses the same script and resources.

Check it out here,

The Minskytron and Other Early Graphics Demos @ PDP-1


Moreover, the emulation of David Mapes’ “Graphical Fun” has been overhauled, as well. (David Mapes invented at LLNL independently the same fast circle algorithm as Marvin Minsky and used it for animations similar to the Minskytron.)

Graphical Fun for the PDP-1 by David Mapes